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Wasp Extermination

Wasp Extermination,

wasp extermination can be a bit tricky. Yes, you can knock down their nest before manifesting into a bigger problem. But sometimes wasp can get out of control and create huge nest. Bowling ball sized nest in-ground to 7 foot tall nest inside the outer wall of your house. Another problem is when wasp create many small nest under the roof eaves of your home. If you’re worried about wasp give us a call. Advanced Animal Removal can help provide wasp extermination in Sacramento and surrounding areas.

Advanced Animal Removal specializes in wasp removal in Carmichael and surrounding areas. Let one of our licensed technicians take care of your pest control issues. You can also reach out to us for Snake Control services. 

Wasp Extermination

FACT: If you're stung near a wasp nest other wasp will pick up the pheromone released from the venom and attack you as well. Be careful!

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