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Opossum Control,
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Opossums are great for the environment, however Opossum control is still necessary.  They eat ticks, roaches rats and mice. But they can also take residence in your attic or crawlspace. Sacramento Animal Removal specialize in Opossum removal in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Opossum control is vital to keep these animals out from your property as they love to soil your insulation and live in your duct work. We love animals but cannot live with them. Another downside of having opossums on the property they are major carriers of fleas. 

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We cover animal removal in Citrus Heights and surrounding areas. Give us a call to talk about our opossum removal services. Don’t give animals an opportunity to damage your property and degrade the value of your home. 

Opossum control

FACT: Opossums are marsupials and omnivores. They'll clear out all bugs under your deck in one night! But unfortunately will damage your living space as well.

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