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Have you noticed any droppings on the walls of your home or seen bats hanging above your outside doors? You may have a bigger problem. Bat colonies love to enter small crevices, gaps or holes near your roofline. Don’t let this problem grow into something bigger as they can multiple and cause major structural damage. Sacramento Animal Control can assist you in humane Bat Control with our bat removal services based in Sacramento Ca. At the same time, we also offer Bee Control services for the convenience of our customers. 

If you want more information regarding bat prevention tips and more please visit our bat info page: 

Humane Bat Control Services with peace of mind!

Call us to schedule an appointment to assess what is going on and to come up with the best plan to solve your bat control issues. We have the knowledge and experience to solve all of your bat problems. Our bat control methods are humane and will provide the bats a second chance at life to search for a different nesting area.

Bat Control in Sacramento

FACT: The Mexican Free Tailed bat have babies during the summer months and the babies cannot fly during this time meaning it is best to evict the bats when the weather isn't too hot. We use humane methods to have bats leave on their own and not return!

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