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Raccoon Control,
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Raccoons will revisit your yard to dig for grub and turn over your sod almost every night unless you take matters into your own hands. Laying down chicken wire or setting up an electrical perimeter around your yard may seems daunting for most. If you need immediate raccoon removal services then give us a call. Our wildlife control operators know how to identify raccoon patterns and capture these persistent animals to prevent further damage. Don’t give raccoons a chance to setup shop in your attic or crawlspace because they will soil your insulation and tear up your HVAC ducting. Zoonotic diseases are real and pose health concerns when these animal live on your property. Call us to discuss about our raccoon control services.

Raccoons are very motherly. If you hear babies (chirping sounds) in your attic or crawlspace please call a professional. We’ve seen so many times where a homeowner will seal up hole a raccoon created to keep mother raccoon from re-entering. This will cause mother to aggressively bite, tear and rip out another hole to get to her young. She will do anything to get back to her young and keep them safe. It is wise to get a licensed operator to remove mother first and hand pick her young by identifying exactly where they’re located. Here at Advanced Animal Removal we’re experienced enough to complete this task. Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions.

raccoon control

Raccoons can degrade the value of your property. Whether if they're digging in your yard, breaking through a vent to enter your attic or crawlspace (then will tear down insulation to use as nesting areas), raccoons can damage, vandalize, contaminate, defecate, spread diseases throughout your property.

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